IT-Keramik: a reliable partner


IT-Keramik manufactures ceramic products that are used in the main industrial sectors, such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and petrochemicals.



N° 2002529


ISO (in progress)



Productive cycle


We are able to make samples or small quantities with CNC systems and 3/5 axes that allow the customer to avoid the costs of mold construction.

Raw materials

The ready-to-use raw materials used are purchased from certified international suppliers, which guarantee a very high degree of purity and quality, satisfying all customer needs.
Range of materials
  • Cordierite,
  • Alumina oxide,
  • Silicon carbide dense,
  • Silicon carbide porous,
  • Graphite-loaded silicon carbide,
  • Silicon nitride,
  • Zirconium oxide, yttrium stabilized,  magnesium stabilized and calcium stabilized



The production cycle of the pressing tools takes place entirely within IT-Keramik, through a path that begins in the Molds department


Automatic axial, isostatic and injection presses allow us to satisfy customer requests for both small production and large volumes.


Our furnaces are high-tech, equipped with remote control, for continuous monitoring of the full regularity of the firing and sintering cycle.


Mechanical processing

Modern grinding and lapping systems with a degree of precision up to 0.01 micron, and polishing complete the production cycle entirely made in IT-Keramik.
Other equipments
Centerless grinding, external and internal grinding, parallel plane grinding, 5-axis CNC, internal lapping, polishing machines.



Quality check and Metric Room

To guarantee the conformity of the ceramic parts produced according to the specifications required by the customer IT-Keramik has avalaible a Metric Room equipped:
  • Density meter
  • OGP measurement system
  • Roughness meter
  • Durometer
  • Stereo microscope